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So What in the World is TripleA?

If you have read any of the old Editions of TripleA- put them out of your mind. The Internet is evolving at a rapid pace, much of what I wrote before is now out of date-some could even be called rubbish.

Lets start anew my friends, sit back and enjoy; this ride will change your life , if you are up to it, Climb aboard the TripleA Train, Final Destination , Independence.

In the past I have been criticized by a few that I did not give step by step instruction on exactly what to join, what to buy and how many.
I now have a course of lesson plans available, however you must understand that there is no 3 steps, or 8 steps to success. These plans will NOT be sent to anyone unless requested-and only after you have carefully read what is ahead.

Lesson plans really are not going to make you a success' to become successful you must remain fluid, be able to think for yourself; be able to consider many situations. I can show you the way, but once on the Path there are many different ways to go- and there is also many ways you should never go. I will be your guide, but I can not be your conscience.

The TripleA is not so much a Marketing Plan, as a Marketing Discipline.

Okay, lets get started:

Advertise Advertising to Advertisers.

Say that slowly, giving meaning to each of the words. It is of course where AAA, or TripleA comes from.

It will sound to some like a mystery-to others they may have already had an epiphany and are planning on how to spend the money. Either way the many details needed to turn the concept into income can be a bit overwhelming.
However if I do my job correctly it will all become second nature to everything you do online.

Years ago I had my Epiphany. It occurred to me that everything that I was promoting had a low desirability, in that only a small percentage of the population would ever be interested enough to spend money on it.

I was splitting my advertising power between Clickbank products, and promoting Blogs that I earned income from the advertising, which included more Clickbank ads that I had not personally checked out.That and speculating on Domain names and Day Trading was my way of sustaining myself.

Lets face it most of those programs are either worthless repeats, out and out scams, or extremely risky.

One day after having 12 of 13 sales ask for a refund I decided to stop promoting any product that has a desirability point less then 98% and there is only one such Product. Advertising.

Every person who has any desire to earn money online has to advertise and if they ever get serious they know they have to spend money to make money.

If you do not believe that then you are not ready for the reality of Internet Marketing. Where The TripleA Plan differs is it will show you how to earn the money, and not have to spend your own.

One very important thing you need to understand is that you must become Salesmen. To many the mere idea of being thought of as a Salesman is repugnant , something to be avoided at all cost.

Even though the entire world would drop back to the stone age without sales; to some there is something dirty about asking for money. The only advise I can give those people is "Get Over It or Get Lost"

Marketing is Sales-never forget that. Some of us are called "natural born salesman" but as Louise, Owner of FroggyHits proved, it can also be learned, as long as you have the willingness to try and the desire to learn. Her background was International Banking, a very conservative business. The last thing she would ever have been thought of is a "Natural Born Salesman"( Salesperson for the PCC people). To her, and to most, the thought of asking for the sale seemed intrusive, not something that was just not done by proper people.

However once it became clear to her that in order to provide a proper service to members, a program must have financial success and stability, she soon became an excellent Marketer. Her honesty and refusal to promote anything but the very best has been her greatest weakness, and also her biggest strength.

When people ask me to look at what they are doing-and to point out how to improve, 99.9% are making the same mistake. They try to promote far too many Programs, and they have no rhyme or reason behind what they promote.
This makes it impossible to grow a targeted list, and in some cases brands you as an Internet Whore-someone who will promote anything for money.

To sell you must Advertise a Product, and there is no better Product to sell than one that Every Person who is online that hopes to earn money always needs.

I know of only one such Product. I have earned $100,000's selling it ,without ever having to make a Refund due to none delivery. That Product is of course Advertising.

In these Pages and in the Days, Weeks and Months ahead, I will show you how to Profit if you Advertise Advertising to Advertisers.

Advertising is the secret to all monetary success in the world. There is not a dollar in circulation that can not be traced back to some form of advertising.

Advertising works. That is something the Successful of the World understand. What they know, and what you need to know is that it is all about

If you do not understand this next part then you are in trouble. I have been trying to pass on this knowledge for years, and sad to say most people never grasp that fact that to be a success you need Numbers-Large Numbers.

The reason Coke and Pepsi sell so many drinks is NOT because we love the product. They are huge because we love their Advertising-which they spend Millions of Dollars on.

They do not just advertise on your local cable company, they advertise EVERYWHERE- and so must you.
However you do not have the money to advertise like Coke and Pepsi, and many of you may even think you do not have to spend money-after all that latest Program Launch said you could earn millions without even advertising. Sorry to tell you this-They Lied!

Sad to say, in the last year we have seen the power of many forms of Internet Advertising take a huge fall.
The number of Traffic Exchanges have risen by a factor of 3, and the Number of New Viral Listbuilders hereon simply called Mailers; has risen even more.

Even sadder is the low Numbers of Traffic Exchanges and Mailers that employ proper principles and practises that ensure decent Results.

A large number of Inexperienced Owners, attracted by great sales copy and low Script Prices ; often urged on my unscrupulous "Launch Managers" have greatly weaken the Advertising Power of both Traffic Exchanges and Mailers.

100's of these new Programs have already failed, and a great many more will fail this year, as the new owners find out the grim realities of Ownership.

As they fail, members will get fewer and fewer results , and more will give up trying to earn using Safelists and Mailers to Promote their products and programs.

Does this mean it is no longer visible to earn online? Not at all, all this means is you really need to follow the advice in the TripleA Plan, and you really must grasp the importance of Numbers. If you can identify where you get real Results from even before you join a Program you will have a huge advantage over others. If you can send out mail to many different programs with just a few clicks you will have extra hours to apply elsewhere. Time is money, and you will very quickly recover the cost of Multi Mailers such as Referral Frenzy , one of the very few Pro Only (no Free Members allowed) programs I recommend.

Surfing a few hours a day and sending out a couple emails is not going to do it. If you want to earn a full time living you need to be prepared to work full time.

You must also understand that there is no Magic Button, that ALL get Rich Schemes are at the best misguided or at the worst an all out scam.

I will show you a way of Marketing that will allow you a decent income, one that can reach a pivot point and just take off- as long as you are ready, willing and able.

Opening Your Own Program is the goal of far to many people-far to soon, at least in the Advertising Industry.

How many times have you seen an ad about a Traffic Exchange saying Built by a Surfer for Surfers?

You may notice there is no Affiliate URL attached to that obvious place for a text link. That is because I have never discovered any worth promoting.

Please, if you feel I am wrong feel free to show me one. ONLY Marketers should open any program-just because you like surfing and chatting is not enough to create a successful business.

Traffic Exchanges have been a large part of my life for years, as I used them to advertise the many ventures I wasted time on back in the day.

However about five years ago the quality of traffic and the results I was getting started falling. Slowly at first, then faster and faster as more and more Owners confused traffic with results.

I wrote to countless Owners urging them to adapt policies that would increase members results-and of course my pleas fell mostly on deaf ears.

Then one Owner-name long ago forgotten, as his TE also failed years ago , called me on it and politely suggested that if I was so wise I should open my own Traffic Exchange

I did not have money, or a launch manager and I did not have a list of Owners I wished to give JV accounts to.

I did have the one thing every person should have before considering ownership, the ability to be able to Build large Downlines anywhere and anytime I wished.

Until you can say the same thing, avoid Ownership, you can earn a great income while carefully planning and learning.

I had Downlines in other TE's and I knew how to be my own best affiliate; so I was able to be in profit from day One. The ONLY reason for my early success was my use of Safelists and the many different types of Mailers to promote the Traffic Exchanges.

NEVER use a so called "Launch Manager" or pay anyone for advice. If you need to pay for help and advice you are not ready for Ownership. There is no shame in asking for help- but you already know someone that can answer most any question you have.

That person is YOU. It is amazing what you can learn if you ask yourself the question, and then hunt for the answer. It is amazing what Google knows :) Learning to think for yourself is a must, without it you just can not succeed,

If you are stuck and even Google fails you-there is another source that you can turn to without spending a dime.

The TripleA Plan

Before becoming an Owner you should first be able to build Large PROFITABLE Downlines at will. It is easy to get signups if you use gimmicks and bribes- but those members seldom if ever Upgrade-they are just not experienced  enough to know that there is no such thing as Free. Those methods also give you a list of people who have no real interest in your program, and will be very unresponsive.

 At the time I wrote this my wife had just taken over a five year old Traffic Exchange that has had four or five different Owners/Admins. All good people, yet none could make it work. They did not understand, or did not have the time to be salesman and they had to Advertise in large numbers. So despite all the good intentions and knowing how to surf, the TE failed.

In five days under my wife's very experienced Administration members earned more in commissions then in the previous five years. That is not an exaggeration for effect, it is a true statement.

So-before you take on the responsibility of Program Ownership, become a Downline Builder at Quality programs of the type you wish to open. If you hold off until you have 600-000 Downline members in five to eight Programs and remember to be your own best Affiliate, your success is almost assured.

If you can get the endorsement of some respected Owners who have quality programs of their own it is help, but as I proved long ago-if you are willing and able to be your own best affiliate you will succeed.

Just to sum it up, and to make it 100% clear, there is no Traffic Exchange in the World, or even a Superior Group of Advertising Programs that will be able to give you enough exposure to earn the REAL money a person needs to be able to stay at home, or buy that Beach Property or second car.

To have that, you must have a massive amount of Email Advertising  available to you, and you need to be able to get that mail out quickly.

THE BASICS of Using Traffic Exchanges

Remember I am going on the assumption that you do have basic knowledge of how Traffic Exchanges work and a program worth promoting . If you are a complete Newbie, you will find most very easy to navigate and operate as long as you read what the Admin suggests you read, and you follow any instructions you are shown.

If you become stuck any Admin/Program Owner will be happy to help you, but always try and answer the question yourself first. I can not stress enough that learning to think for yourself is a MUST.
However, if you are not 100% sure -ask.

"When in Doubt-give a Shout"

Organization will save you endless hours of time and countless missed earning opportunities.

I use Notepad but you can use what ever file system you are comfortable with. The goal is to have all your Affiliate URLs for every program you have joined.

A complete list of your favourite Splash Pages, Banners image URL's and Targets as well as Text Ads and Targets.

Having this readily available when you join a new program will save you a lot of time, but more importantly will help school you in the proper use of Traffic Exchanges.

Okay- you have joined a Traffic Exchange-what do you do next?
What I suggest will seem strange to most, but the first thing to do is to fill out the

Downline Builder
Downline Builders are a source of wealth that should never be overlooked.

I can not think of a more over-looked and undervalued feature than the Downline Builder. If you join a Program that makes use of a Downline Builder it is essential to your future that you make use of it. This may not be noticeable to start, but as your Downlines grow at various programs, so will the income you will derive from your use of them.

What is a Downline Builder? Simply put it is a way to pass on your affiliate links to those that come after you. Program owners will, for various reasons, place programs they belong to on an separate page, with their Affiliate links embedded in them.

However, as extra added attraction to the main program, if you are a member of any of the Programs listed in the Downline Builder, you are able to embed YOUR affiliate URL.

Now all members you recruit to the Main Program will, if they wish to join these recommended programs will be joining from you. That does not mean you need to go and join every Program listed, just add your ID to the ones you already belong to.

Exceptions can always be made, and if you were going to be promoting BigBeachHits heavily due the weather warming up and there are a few programs in their Downline Builder that interest you go ahead and join.

Since BigBeachHits does after all use the same Downline Integrity Mod as ConversionSurf so your odds of getting unexpected referrals increases. Still, use logic, you can not join everything in the world but ALWAYS check Downline Builders for sites you belong to and if ConversionSurf is not in it be sure to suggest it to the Owner. After all, the more people we can help to earn money online the better for all.

I have on many occasions, received a commission payment out of the blue from a Program I was not actively promoting, and the commission was traced back to a Downline Builder I filled out somewhere. Over the years I know I have collect several THOUSANDS of dollars from Downline Builders.

However I am as bad as the next, and I bet I have missed filling out half the ones I should have, and if they had added any Programs since I had joined I was unlikely to know about it. It therefore stands to reason that if I earned $1000's from Downline Builders, it stand to reason I have lost $1000s.

Finally, about a year ago a program came online that greatly increased my changes of earning from Downlines Builders.

However it is another Pro Only program, but if you are at all involved, or will be involved in building Downlines it is well worth the cost. I personally traced over $400 in earning the first month after I join DownlineBuilderElite .

Naturally that was an exceptional month, as 100's of others joined, and filled out DLB's;so many would have also joined Programs. Still it is a rare week that I do not gain a Downline Member due to DLBE
It is a totally Unique Program, one that will fill in your ID's into 100's of programs with a few clicks. Once you have you information in it only takes a minute or two to check for additions etc.

 After the Downline Builder- what next?

Text and Banner Ads

I can not stress enough the importance of using Text and Banner Advertising along with your Splash Pages. In fact in some very high volume TE's I convert the credits I earn into Banner Impressions and receive a much better CPA - Cost Per Acquisition- in this case the acquisition is a new member.

The human mind is much more influenced by imagery then I realized until it was brought up at a Sales Seminar I once attended.

For 3 hours we watched different sales videos. At the end of it we broke for lunch and on offer was three different dishes, though almost everyone picked the same dish- a fish that I normally would not pick.

When we went back for the afternoon session the first thing we were asked was if you enjoyed lunch, and how many picked the fish.

It turned out that all that morning we had been shown subliminal messages about eating fish. They slowed down the video showing us where and how they had flashed these images.

I will speed this up and skip all technical jargon and tell you a fact.

If you are showing a Splash Page Promoting Email Traffic List and if you also write a Text ad telling people about ETL-A Great Viral Mailer and you also display a banner about ETL

your odds of getting sign-ups for EmailTrafficList at that TE go up. WAY UP

Also- if you are heavily promoting a Program in a series of Traffic Exchanges, and you also advertise that same program on a series of Mailers, your success with the Mailers will be significantly higher then if you used just mailers alone.

So use banners-for every one program you promote at a Traffic Exchange, display two banners and two Text ads.
Splash Pages

The type of Page you show is one of the most important decisions you will make. Not all programs and sites are suitable to be displayed on a Traffic Exchange. Long Sales Pages with all the fine print will just be passed over, nor will your Personal Blog with a few PTC Ads bring you any income.

There are many reasons to use Splash Pages, especially any that you can create yourself so they really stand out from the crowd.

However, one thing a Splash Page does not need, and I know I will get an argument here, your personalized Splash Pages do NOT need your Personal Branding.

Unless you are yourself a Program Owner there is no need to Brand yourself to a dozen different Affiliate Sites.

Human beings are much more influenced by prejudices than any of us would like to admit. No matter who you are or what you look like, there will be many that will not join from you because of the way you look. (especially true if you wear an eye patch and people say you look like a Pirate :)

Could be your race, your hairstyle, your age, gender, lack of eye ,weight- over or under, you could be too beautiful, too plain, too cute, too harsh or too friendly looking. You just can not please everyone, so why try? If you are promoting Pumpkins, brand Pumpkins, not yourself.

Once a person has joined from you, once they are in your Downlines, that is the time to become Social.

I suggest hiding all facts about yourself on Splash Pages, stay with Promoting and Branding the Program you are building a Downline at. Some will argue with me, but they are they ones trying to sell you things to help you brand yourself. Please be honest with yourself- has a persons name ,photo , race, weight etc ever made you skip a site and join from someone else -or not at all? If you answered no-you are a liar.

Just use logic, ask yourself the questions needed, what would you be interested in? What type of page attracts you while surfing? Does it give the right information to make people want to learn more?

Face it, most surfers never pay much attention to the pages they surf- so using an Attention Grabbing Headline and or eye catching imagery. Often questions make people pause to read, we are curious beasts

Your page need not be full of fancy graphics, one of the Best Converting Splash Pages I have ever used has been given horrible reviews by the majority. Perfection is not your goal, your goal is sales.

NEVER promote the main sales page of a program inside Traffic Exchanges, leave pages like this to use in your Safelist accounts as they tend to be ignored.

So if you do not yet have a way or will to create your own Splash Page, check the Promo Tools or Affiliate Toolbox most Programs have and choose a variety, I always promote several different Splash Pages promoting the same Program. This is the ONLY purpose rotators have; outside of often having tracking that you may find useful.

DO NOT use rotators to promote a variety of Programs, they just dilute the number of times your site will be shown and make your advertising ineffective.

Advertising needs to be consistent and persistent, rotating 10 programs Lowers your chances of earning significantly.

If you showed your best Program 10 times using ten different views your chances of earning greatly Increases.

One of the most common mistakes people make is they promote far to many programs; just because you join a program is no reason to promote it. You will earn much more money and develop a much more targeted list if you keep the number low -and of course only promote High Quality Programs run my result orientated Owners.

That is enough on rotators; I will sum it up:

Rotators should only be used to show different views of the same Program. This helps create the illusion that a large number of people are promoting that program making it more desirable to the viewers.

We have covered what type of advertising is available at the standard TE, and brushed on the importance of using all the available features together. However Traffic Exchanges are only a small part of your advertising  portfolio, to be a success you must use use all the tools available to you.

If you printed an ad about a new beautiful Vacation Spot in your local Daily Newspaper you will get a small amount of interest.

If you only ran a commercial for a beautiful new Vacation Spot on a local radio station, you may get a little interest.

If you ran TV commercials showing the beauty of the Vacation Spot you will many more targeted responses.

Now imagine if you showed all those ads together. And not once, but over and over everyday and at different times.

That is what you must do if you want success online. Stop believing the Hype used to promote Programs. Do you really think these two statements could possibly go together?

No referring need!
Earn $22,000 a month!

If you are presently promoting any of that type of Program - drop it. Any money you may make comes from another member losing it.  If you could care less about that then I suppose you don't need TripleA. However for the rest of you, please read on.

If we are going to promote Advertising, which Programs do we promote?

Selecting Sites to Promote

This is the area where many make horrible mistakes that cost them dearly and even lead some to be convinced Internet Marketing is impossible for them. I think we all start with that doubt- we think to be a success we must know something or someone, that we could never do what "They" do.

Get that thought out of your head, if you can read and understand what I am writing you can become a successful Internet Marketer.

It is also an area I got the most criticism from in Edition 1 and 2 , as people wished me to just give them a list of recommended programs. I can and do give recommendations from time to time in the Daily Newsletter from ConversionSurf and TrafficDelivers ,and I also have a Newsletter I use only for Triple A Members, which I will get back to later.
There is also a "prologue" at the end of this ebook with links to all the sites mentioned in TripleA that you can re-brand.
However none of those will help you in future promoting decisions. You must be able to do your own DD ( Due Diligence ) Nor are they even close to the number of programs you should be a member of, especially Mailers and the good Safelists that still exist out there

As I mentioned before, most promote too many Programs, and this is especially true with Traffic Exchanges. They join one and add another Splash Page to their Rotator.


Then there are those that never promote anything and seem to have no idea what Traffic Exchanges are even for - I have seen 100's people add sites such as ford.com or facebook.com just so they have a site in rotation to meet the rules of the TE.

They are then left with only one way to earn, from the prizes they can obtain while surfing, a very foolish and unproductive use of time.

If that is you-I can promise you that if you stop surfing for pennies and start Marketing for Dollars your income will increase 100 to 1000 times. FACT.

I put Traffic Exchanges into two categories- places to put advertising on, and Places to both put advertising on and to build a Downline at.

In the 1st edition of TripleA I told you what I look for before I promote a site. However I spread my points all over the place so it was hard for anyone to remember them. I did a little better in Edition ll, but since that was released a lot of Program Owners lost their way and I now longer recommend them.
I have tough conditions for programs being placed in this narrative, and you can trust that I use them, have had good results and have earned money from them.

I can spend a thousand words explaining why I set these conditions, and will speak on it later.

To get TripleA Certification Badge even if only in my mind a TE must have minimum standards in their treatment of Free Members. There are Owners that feel the way to get upgraded members is by treating Free Members so poorly they will want to upgrade. That might have worked  years ago when there was 5000 less Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers out there, but not now.

The better you treat people, the more you help them learn and earn as a free member, the more likely they will stay around long enough to learn the value of an Upgrade at a TripleA Certified TE

Conditions I Look for, and Things I Avoid.


There are Admin I know that I will Upgrade at and Promote their sites without any reservations or further investigation.

 Then there are other Admin that I have refused even to accept a Free Upgrade from and would not promote no matter how much I think I could earn.

There are Admin's I do not always agree with but respect and will promote, despite them not meeting every condition I would like to see. The fact they are not yet wise enough to agree with me on everything :) is not a reason to boycott a site I think would benefit my members.

If an Admin launches a New Program every few months, with no significant improvements over the last one, I will never promote them, though I will join to advertise on them. They care little for their members results, all they know is that a Launch will bring in money.

They do not know how to build a long lasting program that will bring them a steady income and the influx of new members needed give the Program stability; all which is needed to give YOU results when you advertise there.
When they 1st launch I will join and advertise on them to let members know there are far better choices.


The Surf Ratio at Traffic Exchanges must be 2:1 for Free Members. 3:1 is unacceptable and has been since 2010- or even 2008. Owners refusing to adapt should not be promoted.
A Mailer must allow Free Members to mail to at least 1000 members. Free Members need the opportunity to gain results so they can earn enough to see the value of Upgrading without it being slammed down their throats  


They must pay a fair Commission to Free Members- 15% or higher, but should not exceed 50 to 60% for Upgraded Members. There is a inherit danger is paying too much in commissions.
First those who are getting High Commissions will promote insanely, offering bribes and gimmicks to get people to join in the misguided belief that high numbers of new members is the way to earn high Commissions. It might win a Referral Contest but not a Sales Contest.
Louise and I prove that every time we promote a Program, we may have fewer referrals but earn the Program more money. The Reason? We follow the TripleA Plan.

So a Program ends up with 1000's of members who joined only for some Credits or the bonus money promised. They do not make responsive list. I have belonged to some Big Name mailers with 5000 plus Members- yet there is not enough mail sent each day for members to open so they can send to all members. The Programs were built by bribes and Gimmicks as all the "Big Names" competed to get referrals. A year later they are dead as far as getting results from them.
They have no drawing power after the Launch, no new members to keep the programs Fresh.

Too many times I have seen program owners dip into the commission money because they need it to pay bills- then get behind in payments. A few years ago I was endorsing a great admin, I had several of their programs in the Old TripleA- then they opened a 100% Commission Mailer.

I will not say more, but for obvious reason he is no longer endorsed.


Low Minimum Payout- $15.00 or lower-and they must actually pay- not make free members buy advertising. If they wish to do that with surfing prize money it can be understood, but actual sales commission must be paid in cash.


Have a Downline Mailer - this is very important, you want to be able to contact your Downline members, and hopefully they will welcome more suggestions from you. I especially admire owners that spend money on Mods to help their membership earn at other programs. I also admire them when they buy a Mod that is worthless and once they realize it remove it  (inside joke :-)


A Credit Transfer System is a great feature, though most do not use them properly. Do not use them just to get people to join under you, they can be even more effective when you have a second program you would like them to see.
Example- Tell your Downline at ConversionSurf you will give them credits if they Upgrade at Land Marketing Newest Acquisition . After all, being the Newest means it has the most potential for rapid growth (Feb 2015)

Seven- They MUST offer good value. I know Highly ranked sites that charge people $6.00 a month to give what sites with much better conversions give for free.
Interesting stat- the Higher the Upgrade Prices- the LOWER the results-that is a Fact. This is especially true of Mailers. They need a high percentage of Upgraded Members, both to use the Mailer and to promote the Mailer. Some Big Names have not discovered this yet, well other well respected Owners do very well. Even though I do not agree with some of the gimmicks, if the Upgrade Prices are right results will follow

Eight- No Chat is preferred over sites with Chat. IMNSHO of course :) I find Social Sites to have lower conversions, eyes reading Chat are not viewing your sites. As I will repeat often- be social with your Downlines.

Yes you may get the odd result from Chatting but I assure you that in the time you took to get one, I will have got 10 using TripleA Methods. I actually know a very High Converting site where the Owner actually had the nerve to ask her Members if they wanted chat REMOVED after seeing the damage it did at times; coupled the fact people just do not use them. The fact many Owners bribe members to Chat proves that. The Membership overwhelmingly agreed Chat is harmful to Advertisers.

Nine-To Much Traffic.-YES- that is right-Traffic Exchanges where your credits are gone faster than you can create them are almost always a sign that they are infested with members using Software to Surf, and or a high percentage of Non Targeted Surfers-people that have no interest in Marketing and are only there for the Pennies they can earn. The largest and highest rated TE online actually tests horribly for members getting Results. Where I can expect a signup every 1700-200 hits from a properly run site where the Owner tracks downs and removes cheats  such as members involved with Bot and or Surf Farms, it takes us over 56000 hits to get a signup from the largest TE in the world.

Ten-This is a new warning this year, but it is the one I stress the most; I strongly urge you to avoid promoting all sites with a so called "Launch Manager"
This is not because the Owners are bad people, other then being very misguided, they may be the best people in the world who believed a sales pitch they had drummed down their throats.

The problem is that all programs start off in debt, and under the Launch Manager terms they will never get out.
They all use a "signup bonus" (Bribe) so go deeper every member they recruit. I have never seen one that is in Profit, nor would any of the so called Launch Managers point me to one in Profit.

A real life example, which the Launch Manager called "A Tremendous Success".

After 6 weeks a site had approx. 1200 members and had paid out approx. $1200 in commissions, so they would have taken in around $3200 (40% average commissions paid). They were offering a $2.00 signup bonus, which comes to $2400.

That makes the site $800 in debt.-not counting the huge costs of the "Manager", the Script ,Mods and Plugins, the Hosting and any per-launch advertising. This will easily bring the debt to $3000.

A site needs to recover all its initial costs the 1st month or they are not likely to ever show a Profit.

We have already seen many Mailers fold already this year ( Feb 2015), and we will see many more.
I maintain it is wrong to ask people to join and Upgrade at a site you know will fail. Join them if you wish to advertise a more solid set of Programs, but don't tell your Downline list what a great place it is.

A site that loses money from their Launch will never recover- ( though I hope they can, I feel bad for the Owners, and nothing but contempt for the "Launch Manager" who knew full well they are dooming the Program.

To me it is simple, if the owner knew how to build a Downline they never would have hired a Manager.
My experience has shown me that a Program Member list built with bribes is likely to be very unresponsive, except for a few that had NO launch manager and the the Admin is very proactive and has a high percent of Upgraded members.

Problem is, that is a rare thing to find and  so it will soon have very few Promoting it and before long very few sending mail.

The thing that bothers me the most about all the Programs opening with a Launch Manager who gives away 70 of an Owners Upgrades and talks them into bro is totally unnecessary to bribe people to join. The most responsive Mailer of all the 200 plus I use is The Land Marketing Mailer, which actually banned members who used bribes to recruit free members.

That is not just my natural prejudice talking, we have endless emails from happy members Marty of Email-Hog is one of the few Owners I know who actually has the set up, and does enough advertising, to rank Mailers based on Results ( NOT opening rates-opening rates at Mailers is like traffic numbers at Traffic Exchanges-easy to manipulate, but has little if any influence on Results ) The Land Marketing Mailer, and its little brother ConversionMail , also built with no gimmicks or bribes , have both been on Email-Hogs Top Ten List every month since they Launched.

They will never win an Award for Most Opened Mail because there is no chance of winning cash while clicking for credits. However, if you somehow had a way of properly judging where you get the most Signups/Sales/Optin's -Results from; would be there.

NOTE While I have Upgraded at many Mailers that I would never promote, I would not Upgrade at a Traffic Exchange unless I planned to promote it. You can get enough Advertising Power out of most Traffic Exchanges without Upgrading, however with Mailers it is a very different story- for reasons we are about to get to.

All Downlines Are NOT Created Equal!

Paid to Promote sites and Paid to Click sites may be classified as Advertising Programs, and a great many of us have at one time or another joined a few of them.

 However, you may have arrived here from an Advertisement asking if you wanted to learn how to build large Profitable Downlines, and to learn where to get effective advertising that gives you a decent return.

  I can go on and on here, show you endless stats and relate anecdote after anecdote proving that Paid To Anything is a total waste of time and energy. I am one of those who spent endless hours joining and clicking PTC, and I have wasted money advertising for New Members for our Affiliate Sites.

Yes- I gained many new members, and if all I wanted was numbers the results were not bad. However I am not here to gain more Inactive Free Members, I am here to earn money, and to add responsive active Members to BigBeachHits and our other sites.

I have over 14 Years of keeping statistics on everything related and hours of pouring over them, aided by a natural Salesman instinctive ability to know what people want and how and what they will react to, has made me, I truly believe one of the best alive at knowing what works best, and PTC is so far down the list I urge any of you promoting them to change your ways.

Yes- there are people who have built huge Downlines that are earning money from PTC, but I maintain that if they had spent that same amount of time and money promoting a Great Group of Proper Advertising Sites they would have earned a MINIMUM of 10x more.

Point to Ponder.
A well known Owner of a very successful PTC program is one of TrafficDelivers largest Affiliates having brought in over 1500 Downline Members over the years. However his earnings are by far the lowest per member, and over 80% of his members have been removed for one reason or another.

PTC and PTP , besides just being poor earners and advertisers, they also create a poor mindset. Suddenly $5.00 seems like a huge payday. I remember earning over $30 ONE MONTH of doing PTC and it felt like I had won the lottery.
Fortunately I had the good mindset to use the $30.00 to buy a domain name and hosting, as well as a AdSense ready Script, and my days of searching for pennies were over!

NOTE-I would rather have 30 members at DownlineViralTraffic then 300 at any PTC program. No- that is not an exaggeration, I will earn more from 30 DVT Downline members then 300 at any PTC.

FYI DownlineViralTraffic is owned Francisco Cardona who we also call friend and is the great Programmer responsible for most of the Modifications you will see in the Land Marketing Group. He is also the Inventor and Publisher the Viral Traffic Game found in over 200 Traffic Exchanges and Mailers. ( Upgraded Members are able to Advertise at all 200 Plus sites-hands free advertising like that for the price was a must buy for us, and I would recommend it to anyone. However it since it is not in TripleA you will have to join from one of your Favourite Traffic Exchanges or Mailers.
Francisco does Great work, but he undercharges :)

Okay- I know you are getting bored- you want to know how to upgrade at 100's of programs without taking money from your wallet. However before we leave this section I have one more very important thing I need to tell you, and you need to study it until you understand it without second thought.

While it may seem natural to want to Promote Programs that promise easy wealth, the truth is there really is no secret Red Button- no Matrix can be filled to the levels that gives you the big money talked about, all HYIP Programs are scams -any money made comes from someone else losing it. In short my Friends. You must understand the meaning of TANSTAAFL

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Other then winning the Lottery you can not get rich without working, and working building Downlines is the best way for most of us to start. It can be done with no experience at all, and the longer you do it the higher the rewards.

You can do it without having to get a website, do not have to get a Auto-responder, though a it is nice to have a small List Builder like EasySimpleMoneyMaker that you can guide your Downline Members to, plus they give away more enough advertising to make it worthwhile taking the Lifetime Membership.

NOTE Any time you are confronted with an Upgrading situation, (see Selecting Sites to Promote) and if it is at all possible, and they offer it, take the Lifetime Upgrade. I promise you, that if you even half follow the TripleA Plan, Investing in a Lifetime Upgrade at Quality Advertising Site will ALWAYS pay off.

 So the next time see a new Program you are considering Promoting-do some due diligence, ask some questions, and promote what will not only give you the best commissions, but also give the best feelings about yourself- you will often find them to be one and the same.

However, there are times when how well a Program is thought of and it's ranking mean nothing when deciding whether to promote it or not, nor should your lack of Upgrade ever prevent you from promoting the right site. If you can not afford the Lifetime when you join a Program, you will soon have the money if you promote it using TripleA Methods

The Launch of New Mailers and Traffic Exchanges can be excellent time to promote them, the right ones can build you a good size Downline in a short time, and the Commissions are never better then at Launch time.

I know of many cases where Free Members were able to pay for a Lifetime Upgrade after just a day or two of promoting as a Free Member, during a very successful Launch.

NOTE -In the last year or so I have seen a few people take this advice to far. They will promote anything that opens, even programs that totally conflict with each other. There is a name for that, it is called being an Internet Whore.
This may bring in some easy money, but I will always maintain it better to only promote Quality.

Do that ,and each time you do Program a Quality Program your Downlines will grow, and so will your Income. As for the the Internet Whore's , just like on the streets I used to live on, the whores earn less and less as time go on.

Safelists and Mailers

The biggest mistakes I believe many make it, is they put to much time and trust into surfing. The fact of the matter is , those who earn the most money at Traffic Exchanges are people who do very little surfing.

I am a very successful Traffic Exchange Owner, and my main program has been in the Top 10 for over 3 years. so I might be the last person you would expect to tell you this:

Surfing beyond having enough credits to keep your Ads running 24/7 is a waste of time. In fact, I have members who Promote Programs using up to 50 sites, and they never run out of credits.
They also never Surf; at least not at TE's where they already have large Downlines.

The reason they earn the most money and build the best Downlines is simple. They use the TripleA Plan, which, just to be clear means putting most of your time into mailing and keep credits on a large amount of Safelists and Mailers.

Face it-in less then one hour you can surf enough to put credits on 5-8 Traffic Exchanges, so why would you spend any more time at them? To earn a few pennies? Qualify for a Draw?
Or, you could devote a whole weekend, and put enough credits to last a week on 10-20 Traffic Exchanges.
However, if you need to surf each day, for whatever reason, there is nothing wrong with that; not if you enjoy it and are satisfied with the few pennies you earn each day.

HOWEVER- if you want to earn REAL MONEY , you MUST use Mailers, and you need to you use them to their Maximum potential. as I said earlier- sending a couple emails and placing a few Splash Pages will not give you results.

When I first started my 1st Real Traffic Exchange, there was another LFMTE site opening at the same time. I am not sure anymore if it was Marty or I who contacted the other 1st, nor who brought up the use of Safelists first, but both of us were believers and users. Marty made mailing for her members part of her Niche at Website-Traffic-Hog and her and I used them on an every increasing basis.

Yes- we are both decent enough Admin, but we would never have reached the size and success we have if not for the fact we used Mailers.
Marty has gone on to wonderful things, and while I do not agree with all she does, she has advanced the ease of doing multiple mailing to new heights, and made it much easier for all of us to gain the commissions we so often missed in the past.

Much as I like Marty- there is a reason I am putting empathise on her success at this point. She reached it by hard work, and extensive us of Safelist and Viral Mailer Advertising

If all I did was brag about Land Marketing's Success (80% of the credit goes to Louise the Wise, my beautiful and all knowing wife) it would not be nearly effective.

Mailers are the Key, without them you can not succeed. Simple as that.
Okay lets gets back to the matter at hand.

When I joined my First Safelist, I did so as a Free Member, and it was not too bad. I got to mail to a couple thousand Double Opt in members daily, and it only took me about 20 minutes a day to read ( well open) all the email sent to me.

If you have no experience with Safelists they work much as a TE does. You view emails from others to earn credits in order to send yours. A very fair system for the most part.

I was for the most part very pleased with results I was obtaining at AdTroopers , however I soon came to realize I would not obtain my goals with the results from one Safelist.

I mean, after creating my sales letter , it took all of two minutes to login and send the days mailing, there was no reason not to join another Safelist, and then another, and so on.

Pretty soon I was painted into a corner and it was no longer fun and interesting to spend a few minutes a day opening mail to earn credits. It had become an endless chore for which there was no escape.

To make it worse, I was forgetting where I could mail each day- as some allowed mail daily- twice daily- once every two days, once every three days and so on.

So- do not make the mistake I did, join a good Mailing Organizer before you set out to follow this part of the TripleA Plan. No need to upgrade here , as you can enter Unlimited Mailers, the only advantage to Upgrading at ViralMailProfits is if you wish to also mail to the membership and to actively promote the Program to earn commissions. Neither is necessary to the TripleA Program to work.
They have recently added a feature that speeds mailing-IF you mail to their buddies- of which most are over priced and bring very poor results.

However they have great organizing and you can add any mailer you wish. I suggest joining them free, but at the same time Upgrade at the Pro Only Program Referral Frenzy. It does not have any free members, but the hours and hours it saves you is worth 10x what they charge.
They do not have a Lifetime Upgrade-except for TripleA Members, and I urge you to take it as soon as possible. The presently let you mail of about 60 Mailers, with more being added all the time. Mailing to all 60 in less then 5 minutes makes them a very vital Marketing Tool.

Next Page we will deal with some of the fine points of handling the Safelist Mail you receive, for if not done without using some organizational skills and implementing opening strategy you will soon throw your hands in the air and scream-and walk away.

Been there-done that; have a room full of T-Shirts. Over the years I gave up many times- but always came back, each time a little wiser and with a way to save hours. Lazy People are also called Time Management Experts. :)

Opening Email for Credits
or How I Became an
Upgrade Junkie

In the 1st Edition of the TripleA I spent a long time here explaining the best methods to opening and organizing Safelist mail so you have enough credits to be able to mail daily.

This lead to a lot of confusion so I will leave that part for the technical section at ConversionSurf.

Safelist Mail can overwhelm a newbie or Veteran, and you need a plan of attack.

It took me years of struggling with the problem of keeping enough mail open to make sure I could always mail before I stumbled upon the proper solution, and that Proper Solution is actually the secret behind TripleA Success, and goes back to that big discovery TANSTAAFL

I finally figured out that Free memberships are NOT Free, and can be so expensive they will drive you out of business. When you need to work 6 hours of your day opening and sorting emails in order to be able to send emails to maybe 10-15 Safelists, and then only a small part of their Memberships, you have defeated yourself before you have even started.

So you will quit due to the high price of joining Free Memberships.

My rule now is I NEVER join a Viral Mailer and very few Safelists unless I Upgrade.

I know what you are thinking- easy for him to talk- he is a Program Owner.

While that is true now, I started with a Balance of $0.00. The day I decided to make a living using the Internet I had never even sat at a PC. I have never had a second of training and all I know is self taught.

If a old man like me who never even owned a calculator when in High School can accomplish all this- so can you.

Upgrading is never an expense, it is an Investment, and one very easy to recover.
Upgrading gives you
Power. Power over your time, and your Income

Upgrading gives you so much more mailing power, so many more credits, and also makes it so much more likely you can earn telling others about the Upgrade.

The beautiful thing is it can be done without spending your own money.

However to start I am going to tell you about the best value Upgrade I have ever found at a Safelist, one that I do not even earn from for telling you, so I have no ulterior motives.

A couple years ago Jon Atwood of AdTactics created a New Lifetime Upgrade, The CEO

 The Upgrade comes with 3,000,000 credits per month- he sends you No Mail to read except contact Solo's which are always a good way to see what is new and Up and Coming, and give you 1500 mailing credits a pop-worth opening the few that come a day.

You can mail 12 times a day to a responsive list of 12600; it would take years for most people to acquire a list with that many, even using a good giveaway- like this eBook!

Why mail 12 times a day? Simple- people open mail at different times of the day. Most of your mail will never be read-accept it. If you have 4 programs you wish to promote this is the place to do it- mail 3 letters a day on each, you can use different Subject lines.

The average Program Join only takes place after the person who joins did so after noticing the Ad 6 or 7 times. The Key to Success in Advertising is and always will be Saturation. Remember the three secret Steps to Success Advertise
Advertise- Repeat Daily.

Cost of this wonder Upgrade? To be honest when I first saw it on offer I was ready and willing to pay 4 times what it cost me. $145.

TO MUCH you scream? $145 to be able to send 124,000 emails a day? For Life?

I bought it two years ago, and if less then 2 weeks had my money back, since then 1000x over.

Investments Pay. How can you ever think a lifetime upgrade can not pay?However there was a time it would have taken me a month or more of scrimping to be able to afford a $145 Upgrade.

I showed the top end, but lets start the way a great many must. With no money.

Upgrade at 100 Programs without Spending your own Money.

No matter how limited your funds are, sooner or later you have to start upgrading at Programs. If you refuse to believe that and think you are better off if you never spend any money please close the page and forget you found this site- TripleA only works for those wise enough to recognize the truth ; for people willing to Invest in themselves.

How to earn your Seed Money , the money needed to get started.

NOTE all pricing subject to change, but the principle of the TripleA Plan will always hold true

I will assume you have also joined ConversionSurf, as a free member, if you have not joined please do so now.

Now go to the Downline Builder and Look under Safelists and join ALL the Programs there.


Each will let you upgrade later without penalty, so if you have NO money you will still get a reasonable Advertising Power. However they all have very low cost Upgrades and most have added bonuses for TripleA members when you do upgrade.

However with EuropeanSafelist- if you can take the $3.00 a month Silver Upgrade, allows you to mail twice a day, for $7.00 you can mail 3x a day plus get a free Contact Sole Ad each month- as $12.50 value. it will really help- but you can get by just as a free member.
USLargestSafelist has a great Lifetime for under $30 and they give TripleA Members an extra 125,000 mailing credits-and you can mail 6x a day.

Then go to the Traffic Exchanges and, if you have no money join ONLY the Land Marketing Programs. Why only them? Simple, we will let you have the lower priced OTO Upgrades as soon as you want them. Others may not be so kind, though most Admin's are reasonable on the point I can only speak for the Admin of

FroggyHits and

Now you are ready to start a Blitz Advertising
Every time it is humanly possible you send an email advertising ConversionSurf. At all Traffic Exchanges advertise as many different Splash Pages for CS you possibly can. You also use the Banners and Text ads to the maximum.
Email your friends, leave comments on good Marketing Forums-spread the word about your great discovery every where you can think of.

It may happen your first day, it may take a week, but you will get referrals and you will earn commissions, and there could be cash bonuses for referrals. One referral can earn you $25

Take the first $23.00 you earn and take the OTO Diamond Upgrade at a Target-Safelist. , an incredible deal, not only can you mail the the 5000 members 12 times a day, because you know me, you also get a free Lifetime Exclusive Upgrade at Safelist Pro-get details after you upgrade at Target-Safelist .

Now that you have an Upgraded Safelist account where you can send a lot of mail without opening a lot of mail-you are on your way.

Keep promoting ConversionSurf, but now you should also promote Target-Safelist.

Promoting low cost, high value Programs makes much better sense when you are starting then trying to promote Programs that the Owners price to fit their Vanity rather then their memberships.

I have followed and tracked Conversions for close to ten years, and it took a few years for it to sink in, but it finally became clear.

The lower the price of the Upgrades at Mailer Programs the more Upgraded Members. The more Upgrade Members the more responsive, and thus High Converting is the Program.

Viral Mailers and Upgrades

I love Viral Mailers- my term, they call themselves Viral List Builders, but that which we call a rose...

The reason I love them is two fold, first they seem to have a much higher opening/conversion rate then Safelists and second the majority of Viral Mailers have 1 year and Lifetime Upgrades priced for the most part very reasonably.

Still, there is a very serious problem if you are now going to expand into what I shall now simply call "Mailers". Assuming you have been following The Triple A Plan you will have joined several Safelists, and even if you upgraded at a few, you are already at your limit for opening mail for credits. Devoting any more time to opening mail will now be costly, not cost saving.

So , to move into this better class of Mailing it is almost mandatory to Upgrade in order to eliminate the need to open mail as much as possible.

So-, assume you start with this better class and not the Safelist bargains already mentioned?
Where can you get the money from? With a Price tag of only $27.00 for a
Platinum Upgrade MicroPowerList would be a great one to join first and Upgrade at.

Lets remember, if you are following The Plan, you have at least 6 Traffic Exchanges and several Safelists you can promote with. You just need to make some money to get that first Upgrade going.

We may have to change your thinking and your way of doing things, but once again, here is how you become successful.

1st-STOP promoting so many things. Pick ONE- one that will pay a decent commission and is preferable very new - because those are the easiest to promote and get the most conversions.

The recent Launch of The Land Marketing Mailer paid Affiliates over $6000 in Commissions in the first two weeks alone. You can not always find a launch of Mailer of that quality but there are generally a special on somewhere, this is a time to take advantage of the Free Consulting that comes with membership in ConversionSurf- Home of the TripleA Plan

In other words we will always help find you a program that will help lead you up the The Ladder.

The secret to successful advertising is Saturation and Repetition. This is where we all go wrong- we feel as if we show and no one joins then we have failed.

WRONG! Take a Safelist letter. The odds of it being read are slim, but you keep sending it over and over. You can change the Subject line, you can even change the ad- especially the Header and Footer as many times as you wish, but keep sending the Ad, As Many times a day, on as many Safelists as possible.

It will be now that you will understand why I suggested you find sites that have multiple mailings per day, such as the
Upgrade at Target-Safelist ,if possible- being able to Mail 6 times a days from 1 SL is a huge time saver and since you are mailing to 12000 ACTIVE members your odds are great you are going to get results.

Paying $9.95 or $14.95 for one Safelist seems like an expensive investment, but in reality it is equal to upgrading at 3 to 5 of the typical Safelist out there. Nuff said :)

Do not get discouraged if your results are dismal at first. I can show you people whose very 1st Referral bought a Lifetime Upgrade and and I show you people who got 40 referrals without an Upgraded member.

The whole thing is a number game, but one of the reasons to Promote ConversionSurf and the TripleA is its uniqueness and continued updating. Here we are over a year old and still have a very high Upgrade Ratio. We have as many Lifetime Members as we do Monthly Upgrades.

That my friends is how you get your "Seed Money" You will "Flip" this Seed Money many many times, you will not spend it on anything except Upgrades. Money you make over and above this you can use as you wish. You must upgrade at more mailers, as your goal is a minimum of 60.

Why 60? Most will only let you mail every 3 days so having 60 will allow you to mail to 20 a day. This will, if done constantly, plus your Safelist Mailing will soon be building you Downlines and Earning Commissions daily.
However, if you can increase it to mailing at least 100 a day, you will start being your own Man.
However, the amount of mail you need to open will overwhelm you and the logistics can get very complex.

It may be necessary to Outsource at this point-put that is for Advanced Members and will not discuss it here, as it would cause to much confusion to the newer Marketers.

Next we will discuss the proper way to write a sales letter for Safelists and Viral Mailer.

Writing Sales Copy.

I can not give you the actual talent to be a creative writer, and though that is a natural ability that a few just seem to be born with I can however point some things to look for.

Read other peoples work ; and ignore most. The type that is Over hyped and full of ridiculous claims may work, but not on anyone I know and frankly I do not think I would wish to recruit anyone that fell for that sort.
I know one person who uses the old "Barker"style in Subject Lines >>>>>>>LOOK AT ME<<<<<<

Subject like that do draw attention and they do bring in New Members. However- I have compared those type of letters and the more Professional type, and the Barker style may draw members- but not the type that are proactive and likely to even Upgrade or spend.

Writing a letter for a Safelist or Viral Mailer needs to be approached much differently then you would if you were writing an article for a Blog or Forum.

When writing a Safelist letter your goal is to get person to read it, which considering the fact that most people delete the majority of them after clicking for credits.

So there are Three Main Points you need to make of Special Interest

1st- The Subject Line.- This is your 1st chance to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to yourself.
There are a lot of words that stand out FREE is used a lot- EASY MONEY- No Sponsoring- BRAND NEW! JUST LAUNCHED- no matter how old the place is.

If you just want numbers those type of ads can work. However if you want to make money avoid all use of the word Free , and No Sponsoring. That is not the type of member you wish. I may be criticized for that- but facts prove me out.

Instead, ask a question, and if you can find a "Current Event" as it relates to your Targeted Audience- those are the best I have ever seen.

A member of TrafficDelivers once wrote the most Responsive Safelist Ad I have ever seen. The Subject line struck an accord with readers, for at the time it was very topical - in the "news" as it were.

"Disappointed with Sweeva?"

Was all it said and then gave a real live account of her experiences. That one letter added over 600 members to her Downline and $2800 to her PayPal account.

That was an exceptional set of circumstances, and I certainly do not think you should go around looking for things to be Disappointed in-though there are lots out there :)

The real lesson here is that it was being heavily promoted at the time so mentioning something most will recognize in an unexpected way can draw attention.

TopTierMailer-were you paid?

 I saw that one once, and know the person did well with it. Sadly, at the time the person had not been paid for months, and used the ad to promote a rival of TopTierMailer. 

While a Powerful Subject line is needed, it is not always enough to draw them to actually read your message, so the Header of your Letter is your next chance to be noticed.

This is where HTML is so much more responsive then plain text. I have over the years compared thousands of mailings and on average received 11 times more sign-ups from when I send HTML letters, when compared to using sites plain text, even when sent using the same Safelist

Using a Colourful and large Headline may just catch their Attention in that split second you have before they click for their credits and delete you forever. The whole idea is to have them read your letter when they are deleting all the others. You have a superior Product, you just need for them to read about it.

There is one last chance, and that is the Footer of your letter. Please keep in mind that the person still has not read your message and is just about to delete it.

Draw their eyes up from that delete link and back to your letter. Tell A Joke-use a Banner- Say Click HERE to Get 100 Credits -just something that will hopefully draw their eyes up to you.

These methods will greatly improve your chances of getting results, but there is nothing more effective then repetition and persistent.
I have an perfect example you can see when you login to ConversionSurf-look in the navigation Menu and click on
SalesCopy . I took a members ad and then made a few little changes that added to its appeal.