I took a members ad and then made a few little changes that added to its appeal. You be the judge when you read it.

Sending Contact Solo Ads

This section is not for your day to day use, but something you may turn to for special promotions and launches when you may wish to "Kick it Up a Notch" and do a little extra advertising. It can be costly and should only be used if you can afford to lose the money.

Almost all Safelists and some Viral Mailers require that you give then two email addresses, one your List address and one for your Contact Address .
The difference between the two is slight put huge; one you will get you almost all the mail that is sent by members, the others you will only get mail that members have paid a premium to send you.

You will be paid extra credits for opening the "Contact" mail; so much so that I always filter that mail to a separate folder and then make sure I open it. Even though Upgraded there is still a limit to the amount of credits you will be given.

Opening those Contact Solos are good for two reasons- the extra credits are always a good thing; but also these are mails that perhaps might even be worth reading. Someone took the trouble of paying extra to send the mail out to your contact address, something often done with New Launches and better Programs.

I have used them and had no return, but the next time the same ad returned like crazy.
Advertising always works, it just does not work every time. :)

Greg Chadwick, owner of over 100 Safelists and Viral mailers ( he got that large by buying out all the failures I warned about the last few years :) has a Program called GiganticSolos where you can purchase Solo ads to go to all of his members at close to 90 sites with 167,000 Members!
I usually buy the $77.00 4 pack, and have sent 2 without a paying signup, but after sending all four have always been in Profit, and had gained active new members, all with future buying potential.

Greg Chadwick also sells a lower priced, though to a smaller list with his Jumbo Solos found at sites such as  List-n-Profits , ListMillion and many other of his ad Programs. My latest discovery of his, ProdigiousList has great OTO prices ,with 3 different Lifetime Levels to Choice from. With a membership just over 4000 it is a great one to build a Downline at-still has lots of room for growth. Earnerslist, as mentioned earlier is also one of his, but lately I have noticed an increase in Opening Rates and results,

List-n-Profits and ListMillion are some of the very first Mailers I ever joined, and with 11000 members between them and a very low priced OTO makes them a favourite with many.

If you are not sure what I mean here is a perfect example of Solo Contact Mails that make a difference.

EuropeanSafeList sells their Contact Solo's for $12.50, and they sell 2 or 3 a day, and have been for years. That to me is proof of the effectiveness or Members just would not be buying them over and over.

I am a Pro Member at EuropeanSafeList ( $7.00 a month 3 HTML mailing a day ) and that Upgrade level gives us 1 free Contact Solo to send each month- and they almost always return much more then what my Upgrade cost, just from that one mailing. Another case where it is very easy to see why and how an Upgrade is an Investment.

Contact Solo's are more effective, you get a higher opening rate, and most importantly, more actual read them. Watch for Sales - many Ad Programs will have sales at certain times of the year.

If you are reading this and are a Lifetime or Yearly Professional Marketer then you already have some Free Solo Ads coming from you. Look to the OTO Bonus Page ( visible only to Professional Upgraded Members) and you will find details for collecting them, from Email Hog and really effective ( in my experience ) Gilbert Ngo new EmailTrafficList

As well, if you Upgraded at some of the programs mentioned here you will get some bonus advertising including free Solo ads.

Take the CEO Upgrade at Adtactics and who will be able to Purchase Contact Solos for $0.01 ! Yes-One cent instead of $10.00- a good savings.

There are also Safelists that will also sell, much cheaper, what they call List Solo's.

This is a mailing to the List addresses, the same you get all the other mail at, only they grant more credits to members to open them.

AdTrooper has 10 of those in the OTO Bonuses. Not nearly as effective as Contact Solos but the lower price can make them attractive.

Actually Membership Numbers may have little to do with results, as with all Programs it is the Active members that count.

When I originally wrote this segment back in Nov 2011 I had several more recommendations, but considering their record of late I have decided to leave them out. Programs I recommended as earlier as 6 months ago have been removed.

Many that used to be an excellent source were ruined by over selling.
I will do that to any and all Programs, I will only leave Programs in here that work for you. While all Advertising is worth while, there is a limit to how much you can physically do, so lets stick with the better sources.

As well, if Owners turn direction, move to what we call the Dark Side and or become too much of a Marketing Whore ( will promote anything for money) then I will no longer recommend their Programs here, even though they may still hold value.

Owners that do not respect their memberships do not deserve the privilege of being listed by me. However that is not to say I have listed all the valuable Advertising Programs, that would be impossible.

That covers what Contact and List Solos are all about, but there is another class of paid Solo- The Blaster or Network Solo and Advertisers

This is were one Owner enlists the aid of many sites, often Text Ad Exchanges that alone may not have much reach, but together can be a formidable advertising force. BlastMyAds is the only one that I have used that I am comfortable enough to add to The TripleA Plan.
NOTE it is also a Pro Only Program ,same as Referral Frenzy, DownlineBuilderElite and GiganticSolos- meaning there is nothing a Free Member can do without spending money. Do NOT Join unless you are willing to spend.

It has aimed in on the large number of Text Ad Exchanges- which are a cross of all things, mailer/traffic exchange/PTC/login ads/banners/text etc/.

They have so many different type of ads it in a huge job to fill them all out, and alone most are very poor at gaining you results ,therefore very difficult to attract loyal members. The main fault is they went the wrong way in trying to attract readers, they give far to many credits for everything you do,

I could go on a lot more about Text Ad Exchanges. I belong to many, but with the exception of YourEzAds use very few on any regular basis. That is not because I do not get results from them, it is because there are only 24 hours in the day.

It all comes down to a matter of time and management. All forms of Advertising have their merits., and it is an endless job.

I could keep going on and on; giving examples, spouting endless lines of stats and relating what I hope are entertaining anecdotes. However the real secret to success all comes down to one thing.


You have to want to succeed.You can not expect to earn a full time living online unless you are willing to work fulltime.

I have given you all the advice you need, if you are unclear on any part re-read it, and ask yourself the question.

That is the best way to learn, but at the end of the day , if you need it, I am here to help. Please send your TripleA or ConversionSurf questions to support@conversionsurf.com 

Please use support email for support only. Sending ANY type of offer to support could result in your removal from ALL Land Marketing Programs