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So What in the World is TripleA?

If you have read the old Edition of TripleA- put it out of your mind. The Internet is evolving at a rapid pace, Much of what I wrote before is now out of date-some even even rubbish.

Lets start anew my friends, sit back and enjoy; this ride will change your life , if you are up to it, Climb aboard the TripleA Train, Final Destination , Independence.

First Stop-Understanding

Advertise Advertising to Advertisers.
Say that slowly, giving meaning to each of the words. It sounds to some like a mystery-to others they may have already had an epiphany and are already planning how to spend the money. Either way the many details needed to turn the concept into income can be a bit overwhelming.
However if I do my job correctly it will all become second nature to everything you do online.
There are two HUGE mistakes many make when they set out to earn money online.

The First is they just do not understand that they need to become Salesmen. To many the mere idea of being thought of as a Salesman is repugnant , something to be avoided at all cost.

Even though the entire world would drop back to the stone age without sales; to some there is something dirty about asking for money. The only advise I can give those people is "Get Over It or Get Lost"

Marketing is Sales-never forget that. Some of us are called "natural born salesman" but as Louise, Owner of FroggyHits proved, it can also be learned, as long as you have the willingness to try and the desire to learn. Her background was International Banking, a very conservative business. The last thing she would ever have been thought of is a "Natural Born Salesman"( Salesperson for the PCC people). To her, and to most, the thought of asking for the sale seemed intrusive, not something that was just not done by proper people.

However once it became clear to her that in order to provide a proper service to members, a program must have financial success and stability, she soon became an excellent Marketer. Her honesty and refusal to promote anything but the very best has been her greatest weakness, and also her biggest strength.

The Second mistake made by most people is they try to promote far to many Programs, and they have no rhyme or reason behind what they promote.
This makes it impossible to grow a targeted list, and in some cases brands you as an Internet Whore-someone who will promote anything for money.

To sell you must Advertise a Product, and there is no better Product to sell than one that Every Person who is online that hopes to earn money always needs.

I know of only one such Product. I have earned $100,000's selling it ,without ever having to make a Refund due to none delivery. That Product is of course Advertising.

In these Pages and in the Days, Weeks and Months ahead, I will show you how to Profit if you Advertise Advertising to Advertisers.

Advertising is the secret to all monetary success in the world. There is not a dollar in circulation that can not be traced back to some form of advertising.